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About Quest on Earth

My name is Tiger Tarell, and I’m a college student-athlete who’s dream is simply to explore every beautiful place on earth. I am currently a full time student and basketball player attending Lindenwood University-Belleville and am taking classes in topics that will aid in my knowledge of the world and how to capture it in beautiful pictures.

I was born in Florida and have lived there my entire life until I traveled up further north to attend college in Illinois. Upon seeing more of the world I was immediately hooked on traveling and exploring places in nature that make humanity seem a little smaller.

As well as being very involved in school and sports, my energy is placed largely toward my explorations. Although natures beauties are endless, I hope to have explored much of the worlds extravagant places within the next few years.

I started Quest on Earth because it is an outlet for me to share my experiences with the world. I love capturing beautiful moments and writing about them. And then showcasing the things I’ve captured here.

My ultimate mission for this blog is to inspire my readers to enjoy the beautiful planet that we call our home or to simply enjoy my quests and get a small taste of the experience. I hope my humor will keep you reading and my pictures can keep you captivated. All I ask from you: Join me on my quest to explore every beautiful place on earth.