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So after playing Pokemon Go for a little while and giving some more thought to the concept of the game itself, I’ve actually started to come to a lot of conclusions about what the game does right and what the game does wrong.

For one, I want to say I myself love playing the game so for right now I’m going to try to let go of my bias and critique it a little bit. I think the concept is amazing, but having said that, theres a few problems that I think are important to address. And since I like to explore and write about nature, I’d like to bring up one very big problem having to do with just that.

High amounts of Pokemon only seem to be found at places where there are many people, buildings, or important locations. Which is great if you live in a big city, or even a smaller suburb like I do, but what about avid Pokemon fans that live in the middle of absolutely nowhere?

Well, unfortunately for them, it seems Pokemon only like to stay near areas where there are lots of trainers ready to feed them berries while catching them. I mean, if I were a Pokemon I’d want berries too so who could blame them?

But really, doesn’t it kind of take away the point of exploring if the places where you can catch lots of rare Pokemon are places where you probably already go with your friends anyway?

Pokemon has an amazing opportunity here to create something that will force people to get out and see new places, but it seems they are focusing a lot more on the social aspect of meeting new people rather than the exploration aspect of seeing new places.

Now I’m not saying the game should stop creating situations where people can meet, I’m just saying I hope with some updates they can find a better balance.

They should keep pokestops the way they have them, but make it so that no matter where you are you can find the occasional rare Pokemon. And maybe even make it so that the further into nature you go, the better chance you have. That way you will still meet new people at places where you can replenish those much needed poke balls, but you also have to explore a little bit if you actually wanna “catch em all” and be “the very best.”

And hey, maybe if people are playing away from the city life a little bit there will be less car accidents due to the game. But then again, it might just cause more people to walk off a cliff or two, so I guess just you can’t win either way.