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With the Olympics starting last week I feel it’s only appropriate to do a topic on it. Personally I absolutely love the olympics, certainly a nice little break from our wonderful election. and it’s good to know the United States is still good at some things.

But really when you look at the effect the olympics has it’s the exact opposite as the segregation caused by recent events in the US. The olympics, more so than any other event in the world promotes the absolute highest level of unity while still showcasing amazing competitiveness.

It provides a time when people of all races and all nationalities put all political frustrations aside in order to come together and compete for a common goal. It is a time when some of the hardest workers on the planet, of all colors, shapes, and sizes are able to show the entire world the payoff of their hard work.

If every day was like a day of olympic competition our world would certainly be an amazing place. Just imagine, that instead of fighting with our own humankind, people on earth were to come together and work hard to accomplish common goals.

I don’t know about you, but I think if that were the case our world would be a beautiful place and humanity would be a beautiful race.