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Today the gaming community woke up about 2 shades tanner and 3 times more talkative than they did just last week. Why? Because Pokemon go came out about 1 week ago and the streets have been mayhem ever sense.

If you don’t know what Pokemon go is then I think you might be living under a rock, just saying. I mean, this past week I can’t even scroll down my social media feeds without seeing at least a few posts pertaining to the new massive online Pokemon experience — and for good reason.

Personally, I love the outdoors and I love nature, and I never thought that a video game could actually bring more people into the outside world that I love.

Now, I understand what the critics will say: “But they aren’t actually experiencing the outdoors because they’re staring at their phones.” And that’s fine, I respect everyones opinion. But the way I see it, the game is taking some people who would never have left their homes to begin with and forcing them to take their new favorite game outside and probably to places where they have no choice but to meet tons of new people.

Regardless of whether or not the game is a form of virtual reality, it still promotes exercise, exploration, and social actively. So I say, ignore the haters and let’s all just explore the world looking for Pokemon. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a jolly good time to me.