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Hello world! My name is Tiger Tarell and if you’re reading this you’re reading Quest on Earth’s first official blog post.

I hope you guys enjoy my future posts and the pictures I’ve taken – I’ll be using this website as my outlet to share those experiences with you. And don’t worry, my future posts will be much less boring.

I like to say I’m on a quest to explore every beautiful place on earth but I’m also on a quest to share earths beauties with you. Hopefully you will enjoy my experiences and I can inspire you as my reader.

I encourage feedback, questions, and most importantly suggestions. I want to write what you enjoy reading – this blog is an experience for not only myself but for each of my readers.

Always feel completely free to contact me via email or through comments on my blog posts. I’d love to hear about your experiences and I’ll most certainly accept guest written posts pertaining to nature and how amazing it is or even how we can make it more amazing.

Thank you! Now if you’re willing: Join me on my quest to explore every beautiful place on earth.